We’ve begun! Our new research project will explore the links between local food and wellbeing in the East of England (Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk).  Regular updates here.

‘Wellbeing’ is currently a fashionable concept. Just out this week, the Office of National Statistics have released a number of publications on the measurement of national wellbeing, which includes interactive tools for local mapping of wellbeing. These map counties and local authorities in terms of scores along four dimensions: respondents ‘life satisfaction’, ‘worthwhileness’, ‘happiness’ and ‘anxiety’. All four dimensions were measured on a 10-point scale; key findings are listed here and results are here.

Maps show that Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex score in-line with or above UK-wide percentages of respondents reporting medium or high life satisfaction; all three counties have a higher percentage of respondents reporting feelings of happiness than the UK-wide figure. Finally, compared with national averages, Suffolk and Essex had a lower percentage of people reporting having felt ‘high or very high anxiety yesterday’ than the UK-wide percentage, but Norfolk was higher.